Our vision is an educated society. Our mission is to educate and train Kenyan women, children and youth by providing resources and support. A primary focus is scholarships for students at the secondary and post-secondary levels who need financial support.

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Kenya Help is a non-profit foundation with 501(c)(3) status with IRS (EIN 35-2314350). Our vision is an educated society. Our mission is to educate and train women, children and youth in Kenya by providing resources and support. Kenya Help has no paid positions. Operating costs were approximately 3.3% of our 2013 budget, so 96.7% of your donation went straight to Kenya. Clicking the button below will take you straight to PayPal, where you can easily make a one-time or recurring contribution.

Margo McAuliffe at TEDxSanJoseCA

Kenya Help founder Margo McAuliffe is a retired high school math teacher who at the age of 69 followed a life-time dream to go to Africa. Margo ended up teaching math to girls in Kenya. Landing in Naivasha, she established Kenya Help as a non-profit dedicated to helping women and children in Kenya. Through her work, Kenya Help has built St. Francis Xavier Secondary School for 320 girls in Naivasha, Kenya. In addition, Kenya Help has provided scholarships for many of the girls and refurbished the nearby orphanage. Margo returns to Kenya each summer for 2 months to teach, further support groups serving at-risk girls and women, and to learn more about the ways of Kenya.