Watch a TED Talk by Margo McAuliffe, Kenya Help’s founder, and learn how we got started!

Here are a few of the individuals Kenya Help has sponsored over the years:

Dominic told Margo he wanted to be a priest when he was only in Form 3 (11th grade). He’s now studying in the seminary!

Lucas & Joseph are brothers who lost their mother at a very young age to HIV. Having nowhere to go after she passed away, they sat in the house with the body for two days, until someone reported them to the parish social worker, who brought them to Mji Wa Neema. They’re now thriving in Form 1 and Class 6 (grades 9 and 6).

Selinah’s mother left the family when she was in Form 2, so Selina left school to take a job as a househelp. She was brought to St. Francis Girls’ High School and graduated in 2015. She’s now in nursing school.

Mary Sangok grew up in a chaotic home, and had a child of her own at an early age. However, she graduated from SFG in 2011 and is now in university studying social work(?). Her aunt is helping to care for her child.

Mithlet – Coming soon…

David Mungai grew up at Mji Wa Neema. He’s finished 3 years of medical training and is now a physician’s assistant.

Charity is pictured here on the day she came back to SFG to give a motivational talk to the current students. You can read more about Charity by clicking here.

Monica also grew up in Mji Wa Neema and is now close to finishing her nursing studies, which she loves!

Kennedy’s family was burned out of Naivasha during the post-election violence that occurred in 2008. They happened to be out of town at the time, or all might have been killed. He asked to be sponsored by Kenya Help and has now finished the training to become a physician’s assistant. During his studies he developed an informational presentation on HIV, which is now in demand at schools all over Nakuru County.


Click here to read Margo’s Blog – You can read about Margo’s continuing adventures as she returns to Naivasha to stay at Mji Wa Neema Children’s Home and tutor at St. Francis Girls’ High School each summer!