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Calestor Kizito
Calestor Kizito

Ever since I was young drawing was my favourite hobby. When in elementary school, I did a drawing that was taken to a local Agricultural Show and it earned me a certificate, I was only ten years of age. I graduated to High School and this is where I exploited my talent to the extreme. In class during the free lessons I used to do lots of drawing to avoid boredom. During the hot afternoons I spend time drawing so that I don’t fall asleep. I have a file of the pictures I used to draw when I imagined I was a designer working for a dress making company. To be sincere, drawing was my best. It’s something I can do without getting tired.

All this time that I have done this art thing, no one even me could imagine that it could take me this far. When I think of how things have changed I cry thanking God for doing me this much. Let me tell you a bit of life before “Mary Smith” offered to take me to school. To be sincere, my hopes of ever getting education past the high school level was almost dead. This is due to the fact that I am in a family of eight siblings and both my parents have to struggle to find for all of us they being unemployed.

When in high school I used to be out of school quite frequently. This was because of financial problems. Currently my Dad is paying for my sister in college and my younger sister and brother in high school. This is already a burden enough for me to add or squeeze myself in between them and ask to be taken to school. I saw this and said my life will be hard when I have no professional qualification. To be sincere I was afraid to face tomorrow knowing that I have nothing as a weapon to arm myself. I used to take the guitar that Fr. Kiriti gave me and walk to the hills sing few songs and play some tunes, this miraculously made me feel better.

I also did spend most of my time at the church because this is the place that gave me strength to move on and being with the youths at least made me laugh. Thank God my parents are prayerful and they have hopes that our lives one day will improve to have the necessities.

Thanks to Fr. Kiriti and “Mary” for your sincere love and care to recognize my God’s given talent and offering your support to me. I really don’t know how to pay back. It feels like I have resurrected. Like life is beginning yet again. I am just so happy that I just don’t know how to express what am feeling deep inside of me. You are a blessing to me and if my
drawings are doing anything to make people feel the way I feel now, then I promise to do it for my lifetime.

How to Order

Kenyan artist Calestor Kizito has made the beautiful paintings for two sets of note cards to help raise money for the school. A set of 10 cards can be purchased for $20 per set. To order cards, please send a check for $20 per set with “Card Set 1, 2 or 3” on memo line, made out to:

Kenya Help
PO Box 516
Menlo Park, CA 94026

Or send email to:
or call 650 322-0821.

Card Set 1 by Calestor Kizito

Card Set 1

Card Set 2 by Calestor Kizito

Card Set 2

Card Set 3 Anonymous Artist

Card Set 3

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