St Francis Xavier Catholic Parish, social work fund

The parish employs a certificated social worker, Anne Njeri. Her job includes responsibility for the children’s home, visiting extended families of the children, working with people who are HIV+, supervising support groups for HIV+ adults and for HIV + children. People come to her in their desperation, often having no money for food nor a place to stay. Anne often buys shoes and uniforms so children can attend school, helps single mothers find ways to support themselves, and is ever available just to listen. Because of the work of Judy Murphy, Kenya Help board member and retired social worker, funds have been raised through Kenya Help to support the work of the parish social worker.

Jecinta Gakahu and Evans with children's HIV+ support group
Jecinta Gakahu (former St. Francis parish social worker, who died in November 2013) with children’s HIV+ support group