About Us

Mission of Kenya Help

Our vision is an educated society. Our mission is to educate and train Kenyan women, children and youth by providing resources and support. A primary focus is scholarships for students at the secondary and post-secondary levels who need financial support.

Many scholarship students attend St. Francis Xavier Secondary School for Girls in Naivasha, Kenya, the school built with Kenya Help funds. Kenya Help also provides scholarships for boys at Ndingi Secondary School, students attending other Kenyan secondary schools, and high school graduates who need financial help to pursue post-secondary education. In addition, Kenya Help supports social services, youth programs, and other projects benefiting children, youth, and women in Kenya.

The Story of Kenya Help

In the summer of 2005, retired school teacher Margo McAuliffe embarked on a journey to teach math to girls at Archbishop Ndingi Secondary School in Naivasha, Kenya. Soon after she arrived, she learned that the girls were being phased out of the school. Father Daniel Kiriti informed her that the community had provided a plot of land for a girls’ school, but there was no money to build it. As Margo learned more about the limited educational opportunities for girls in Naivasha, she found herself thinking, “I need to go home and raise money for this school.”

Thus began the journey from a bare plot of ground in 2005 to the opening of St. Francis Xavier Secondary School for Girls, open to girls of all tribal and religious affiliations. On this plot of land sits a school for 320 students, with 8 classrooms, 2 science labs, a computer lab, library, infirmary, teacher and administrative offices, 2 dormitories, dining/social hall, kitchen, and faculty/staff housing. More important than the physical buildings, this school gives hope to young women, many of whom have no other opportunities for education, to better their lives and the lives of their families.

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