#1 Off Once Again—Summer # 13

June 11, 2017

I’m writing from the plane, still sitting at SFO. Departure should be about 10 minutes, if they are on time. This will be short, but for those of you to whom I said, “I don’t know where I will be staying. I’m just trusting it will be OK.” First of all, despite your suspicions, I’m not crazy—at least not regarding this issue. Secondly, I learned from Fr. Kiriti just 2 days ago that 2 of the kids are still at Mji Wa Neema so I will be staying there once again. Margaret is waiting to begin university in Sept and Mungai is waiting for his official graduation from med school as a community health worker. So my trust paid off!!!


June 13, 2017

It isn’t really 2 days, I just lost a day traveling east. I’ll find it when I come back. It’s 3:30 am in a hotel in Dubai. Although I didn’t feel like I’d slept much on the plane (15 hours) I find myself sleepless now. Sigh! Tomorrow morning I fly to Nairobi, to be met by Fr. Kiriti and will make myself stay awake until a reasonable bed time. It’s the only way I know to get on local time.

More when I arrive. This was just to let you know I am fine and have a place to stay.

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