#27 Reunion – Not the Way We Planned It, But a Smashing Success

#27 Reunion – Not the Way We Planned It, But a Smashing Success       August 1, 2015

People were to gather 8:30 to 9, chat until 10, mass at 10, to be celebrated by Fr. Kiriti.  Well, by 10 ONE alumna had arrived; a second, Fr. Kiriti’s niece, arrived with him.  Even Teresia, who was the main organizer didn’t arrive until almost 11 – but I found out later she was not feeling well, so she is excused.  Mercy arrived after noon, but had come from far.  She told me she was in a matatu by 5 am!!!

It has been 3 years since Fr. Kiriti left this parish and SFG, but when he walked in all the girls cheered.  Even those who don’t know him, know of him and were so glad he was back, if only briefly.  His sermon was perfect, talking about culture and the culture we have created at SFG and will continue to define and refine.

Afterwards, the students returned to their classrooms and the alumnae gathered in the quad to plant a tree commemorating the first annual reunion.

Alums kept arriving so that eventually there were more than 20.  One grad brought her 2-year old son, who was quite the hit of the day and did not even whimper as he was passed around to one auntie after another.

They met together in the library, where I asked whether they were willing to be part of a longitudinal study of graduates of a girl’s high school.  I don’t know if such a study has ever been undertaken in Kenya, but I know of several such studies in the US, one of which is my own graduating class (’58) from Mills.  I think in time such study might yield valuable information about girls/women in a society where the roles of women are changing rapidly.  They liked the idea.  Now all we need to do is find someone who wants to take on such a study.

But they really wanted to talk with the current students.  Time was not on our side, as the form1’s and 2’s had an exam beginning at 1:30, so the alums met with them in their classrooms for a few minutes.  Then we gathered the form 3’s and 4’s, who have completed their exams, in the dining hall.  The alums introduced themselves and I could see this might be just another occasion of people talking to the group, so I suggested the alums just go mix with the students and find out what they want to know.  I must say, it was a brilliant suggestion.  Very shortly there were groups clustered about each alumna.  It was intense.  The students were like little sponges.  Here were the ones who had experienced SFG and had moved on to the wider world.  What was it like?  How did they feel?  What were the problems they faced?  It was perfect!

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