SFG Girls Support Other Girls in the Area—Prevent 40 Missed School Days

From #2 Getting Settled and to Work  – June 2, 2011

Jecinta and I have talked a lot about inspiring the girls to contribute to the school after they graduate, go to university or whatever and have some small means. Then she told me this story. She had had a meeting with the principal of a nearby elementary school to discuss a problem with a girl she had taken in and really supported (another Jecinta!!!) In the course of that meeting he mentioned the problem that poor girls have all over—missing school 4 days a month b/c they couldn’t afford pads. Upon hearing this story, the girls of SFG started a “fund” of extra pads, soap and other necessities. They had done some calculations, that each girl was missing an average of 40 days a year. Many of them have had this same experience. At SFG, such necessities are provided for those who can’t afford. I was so touched that our girls, in their adolescence, in their push to prepare themselves to face a life of challenges, have reached out to their younger sisters to give them a hand up. WOW!

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