Third Annual Scarf Giving Day

From #9 Scarves, Millimani High School and Nairobi + Margo’s BIG DRIVE – 27 June, 2012

Last week was the 3rd annual scarf giving day for form 4’s.  Thanks to Anita Dippery and her gang of “knitting elves”, as well as my own fingers, I arrived with over 60 scarves, enough for each form 4 and each new teacher who didn’t get one last year.  As a courtesy I offered Ruth Kahiga, our new principal, the first pick. Unable to make a choice, she talked me out of 2.  Esther, the matron and dear friend, had not received one last year, so I asked Ruth to call her into the office.  It was evident from her face that she wondered what was going on, but when I explained she had the privilege of 2nd pick, she beamed as only Esther can beam.

We gathered all the form 4’s into one classroom. They were very excited, each having chosen a number, 1 to 50, determining the order of choosing.  Most of the scarves were made from bright-colored, fringy yarn and were very popular.  Most of my offerings were made of granny squares, with which I used up baskets of left-over yarn.  To my surprise, they all were chosen too.  I had had just enough white, red, green and black (Kenya flag colors) for one scarf, which was “scarfed up” immediately.  It was actually a bit of a mob scene.

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