Sister Cecilia’s School

(an organization supported by Kenya Help)

After serving in Central America, Spain, and England, Sister Cecilia felt called to leave her missionary order and return to Kenya to build a school in a poor area outside of Naivasha. Her elementary school provides education to children who would not be able to attend school otherwise.

Once the school was established with eleven day-school orphans, she took in ten more orphans to be boarders at the school, but lacked sufficient funds to buy uniforms, shoes, blankets, tables, chairs, and cooking equipment. She has some financial help from a group in the UK, but they are unable to meet all the needs, as their sponsors deposit only about £300 ($450) to pay the teachers every month. Now, with boarders, Sister Cecilia has employed two more teachers, a matron, a gardener, and a watchman, raising the total staff salary to KSH 75,000, or about $680 per month. She hopes in the future to have paying students to help support the orphans and make the school self-sufficient, but needs help in the meantime.

She is trying to do alone what Kenya Help has done with a whole group, so the Kenya Help board of directors has decided to give financial assistance to her school. Kenya Help supports her desire to wipe the poor orphans’ tears by giving them love, hope, and a future through education and a decent life.

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