Margo’s 10th Summer in Kenya

You read that correctly – this will be her 10th summer in Naivasha, Kenya. She leaves on June 8th and I suspect we’ll see her first “blog” late next week.

While we’re waiting for that, I thought a bit of background information would get us all in the spirit.

So, how big IS Africa? Look at this map. You’ll see the USA fits nicely into the northeast corner leaving plenty of room for China, India, most of Europe and Japan


Hmmm, pretty interesting. But here’s another tidbit. How many countries are in Africa?

  • 54 Countries are members of the African Union
  • 55 The number of recognized states in Africa; Morocco included
  • 56 The number of recognized states and de facto states if you include Somaliland

And to confuse matters, the List of African countries says 61.

Anyone want to take a guess at home many languages are spoken natively in Africa?

Enough for today. Lesson here is that one should never generalize about “Africa”.

Thank you all ever so much for your interest in and support of Kenya Help.As you well know, the school would not have been built and the hundreds of students supported with school fees and scholarships might not have gone to school were it not for you. Now that’s a BIG BIG BIG deal.

Craig Noke

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