Today I had 2 v…

Today I had 2 visitors.  One was Poloma Chlohossey, a former student of mine from Menlo Park who is doing graduate work in Nairobi.  She is doing an internship with an agency working on nutritional methods to prevent blindness.  She tells me that vitamin A deficiently is the #1 cause of blindness worldwide and that doses just twice a year is sufficient to prevent.  She had spent time in Nairobi previously as an undergraduate, working in an orphanage and falling in love with the children there.  Through her efforts some 5 or 6 children are now in good boarding schools, with the hope that the girls may some day be at SFG!

She arrived just as mass was out.  Neither of us had eaten, so we made haste to my little house where I fixed omelets with wonderful avocados and tomatoes from the market across the road and some of my precious cheddar cheese that I can’t get anymore.Image

We had lots to chat about while we awaited Dominic Muria, a Ndingi graduate of 2006, now in the seminary.  He had written that his superior had given him permission to visit.  Then this morning just before I left for mass I got a text saying he couldn’t come because his superior had called a meeting.  OH, no!  Well, couldn’t be helped.  After mass there was another text saying the superior had remembered his request to visit and had said the meeting wasn’t all that important and he could come.

He hadn’t eaten either, so while he and I caught up, Poloma very sweetly prepared an omelet for him. 


The 3 of us shared stories and experiences, just enjoying the time together.  But both had to get back, Dominic because he had a curfew and Poloma because she wanted to get back to the stage in Nairobi in a timely manner.  It’s an OK area during the day, but one wants to be safely home before dark.  For her parent’s information, I’ve just called her to confirm that she made it safely.

Before they left, we drove up to SFG for a quick tour.  Each had seen it before, but had not seen the solar/wind nor the bakery and were impressed with our efforts to be self-sufficient.

We drove Dominic to the stage, then Poloma and I shopped for bananas, mangos and carrots in the little street market across the road.  I thought she would enjoy seeing it—she did, and I needed these items.

Then I walked with her back down to the stage, making sure she got on the Nairobi stage.

Such a nice Sunday afternoon!  Hope you’re having the same.

PS Just finished review this when I sort of “came to” and realized it was raining.  We’ve had more rain this year than ever before.  So good for the crops and it’s nice that the days are pleasant, the rain holding off until evening.

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