#13 We Are Number 1!!!!!

While I was running from pillar to post on Thursday (see #10) Ruth Kahiga and Peter Muigi, principal and deputy principal, attended a meeting of district school heads for announcement of awards.  SFG received a number of awards and was in 1st, 2nd, or 3rd position of many categories (of 43 high schools in the district).  The most coveted award however is the Most Child Friendly School.  It went to St Francis!  They also came in first in English, CRE (Christian Religious Education), business and agriculture.  Definitely have to work harder on the math and science. 

I had been “commanded” to appear for the regular Friday morning assembly beginning at 7:45. Early is not my best time, but I arrived only 5 minutes late. 

  A table with 8 trophies and a pile of certificates sat before the gathered students and teachers. 


Teachers of the winning courses were presented the trophy, but they will be displayed in a trophy case, soon to be built in the main corridor.  We never needed one before!


When it came time to present the “Most Child Friendly School” trophy, they called me up to accept it!  Naturally I was in tears.  By then I was standing among the students so I could take pictures straight on, so I handed my camera to the girl standing next to me.  Unfortunately I didn’t take time to show her how to make it focus.


This was the beginning of a big day!  The rest of it comprised the 3rd annual St Francis Cultural Day, about which I have written a bit.

BTW if you are a bit confused, I began this email a week ago, but never found time to finish it.  Sometimes MSW becomes most recalcitrant, swallowing my pictures and moving things where I don’t want them.  I may have to learn a new program before next year.

Cultural Day is supposed to reflect the cultures of the various tribes represented at SFG.  Some of the acts did exactly that, but some of it was simply a talent show.  The acts represented the dorm of the performer and at the end of the day, the dorm with the most points wins.  Being a judge is a huge job, for which I am not qualified, as some of the skits were in Kiswahili.  It’s one of the few occasions on which I’m glad I am ignorant.  Wouldn’t want to be responsible for determining the winner. The students really go nuts when the results are announced!

I have many, many pictures of all the acts, but MSW would collapse in a death agony if I tried to include even a small part, so I will pick just a few.


Judges Magdalene and Cynthia, both of Mji Wan Neema and now in form 2 at SFG, performed a very funny skit.  I know that b/c everyone laughed mightily.  I didn’t get a word, but the 2 are so funny I laughed anyway.

A very big event was Miss St Francis Xavier 2011.  Last year’s Miss St Francis was on hand to present the diamond (?) tiara

Here are the 4 finalists


The winner was a Maasai girl in a traditional costume. 



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