#5 2011 Cleaning the floor

Sunday, June 26, 2011

This is just a quickie.  Judy called me, “Margo you’ve got to come see this.”  Here were the 5 culprits, “cleaning” the floor in the older kids study room.  They must have put a lot of soap in the water, b/c was slick as ice and the kids were having so much fun sliding around on their knees.  Just after I took the picture

Michael in blue, Lucas, Evelyn, Mary, Joseph, Patrick.

Julia (matron) appeared in the door.  The children magically disappeared and the look on Julia’s face was classic.  Stunned.  We hope she doesn’t get too unhappy with them.

(later)  Julia was stunned to be sure, but her sense of humor prevailed.  Later in our kitchen, the 3 of us laughed and laughed, knowing how kids love that sort of thing.  We all agreed that not only was the floor spotless, but the five had the cleanest feet, knees and hands in town!

Best,  Margo

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