#3 Presentation of Scarves, 2011

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Today I am at SFG and because I was able to hop a ride with Fr Kiriti, I brought the suitcase of beautiful hand-knit scarves.  They are the result of a project by Anita Dippery, board member of KH, who was here last summer, along with her grandson, Riley.  Anita fell in love with the school and the students and came home wanting to do something special for them.  She brought together a group of “knitting elves”, who produced 44 scarves for the form 4’s and 21 for the teachers and staff.

Caroline gets to choose first, and Grace just can’t decide. 

Next the teachers gathered for a short afternoon break and presentation of scarves

Yesterday I began the process of interviewing the students on scholarship.  I’ve decided to do 2 or 3 a day.  Here are the first 2.

This is Quinter Aryango.  She is the last born of a family of 10, 5 girls and 5 boys.  Her father has abandoned the family and her mother is HIV positive.  Three of her older sisters have died, leaving a total of 4 grandchildren for the mother to raise.  She comes from a rural area and did very well on the KCPE (8th grade exm).  She wants so much to have a better life, having seen the struggle that her mother lives with daily.  She tells me her hope is to be a lawyer.

Grace Nyambura is the younger of 2, with an older brother who is married.  They are internally displaced persons (IDP), formerly living in Eldoret, the sight of the church burning in 2007.  They are of the Kikuyu tribe, living in a Luo area, so were lucky to escape unharmed.  Their home and all their belongs were burned.  They were given a house, but her mother is unable to find work—a very common problem in Kenya.  From the first time she saw SFG she wanted to attend.  She likes history, bio, chemistry and agriculture.  She wants to become a member of parliament.  We agreed there is a need for more female MPs.

One of our newest additions for form 1 is Elizabeth Nyarch.  She is Sudanese and one of the first girls in her village to go to high school.  She is at SFG because of the determination of Gabriel Nyok, one of the lost boys of Sudan, who made it to the US some years ago.  He has a fire in the belly for his people.  Because of Gabriel, 4 Sudanese boys are sponsored at Archbishop Ndingi boys high.  His goal is for those boys to return to the village after high school to become teachers in a high school Gabriel hopes to build.  Right now that village is in that part of southern Sudan where much fighting is taking place.

All for now.

Love,  Margo

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