#11 The Big Show

Monday, July 11, 2011

#11 The Big Show

Ever since I’ve been here I’ve tried to figure out how to show some videos—one made by Riley Murtagh, who visited here last year with Anita Dippery, his grandmother and Kenya Help board member.   While he was here, he videoed at SFG, then went home to his high school videographer class where he put all his material together, telling the story of SFG.

The second thing I wanted them to see was my TEDx talk, from March of this year. I tried everything I could think of and finally Skyped my wonderful friend, Luis Poza, once a neighbor and playmate of my son, Mark.  Luis now lives in Japan, where he teaches computers.   He is my Mac expert.  It was so cool to chat with him, he in Tokyo and me in Naivasha.

He knew exactly what to do, as I knew he would.  So this afternoon at 4:30 the girls and staff gathered in the dining hall for the big showing.  I must admit, Riley’s video took first prize.  When both were over they wanted a repeat of his video.  They laughed and whooped at some of the scenes.  I think it may be on YouTube.  Hey, I found the link.  Click here.

Oooo!  I love being able to find things and make them work.  Hope you can watch it.

Returning back to the children’s home I found Mercy and Joseph, both 6, feeding broccoli stems to the rabbits.  Their giggles delighted me.  Joseph is the newest arrival.  I think I wrote about him and brother Lucas (8?), who sat by their mother as she died, then were brought here.  They are fitting in nicely, but I see Joseph sitting pensively, sucking his thumb more often than I wish.  Saturday evening at Cyrus’s birthday party I sat next to him.  When I invited him to sit on my lap, his climbed right up and we snuggled the whole evening.  Joseph sat next to me too, so that I could put my around him as well.  I’m told the mother was very loving, which I believe, b/c she left 2 very loving boys behind.  For more on J&L, see #7.

Cyrus’s party was a smashing success.  He planned it as a surprise for the children here at Mji Wa Neema.  A special meal was cooked, after which his beautiful cake arrived.  He has many friends, most from the youth group here in the parish.  Perhaps 20 or more joined us for a rousing event.

I am so far behind.  A week and ½ ago, right before Judy left, SFG had its first prize-giving day.  (like an awards night at our schools.)  Unbeknownst to us, they decided it was also our birthday.  We do share a birthday, but it’s in March, so when everyone kept wishing me HB, I was more than a bit puzzled.

When I walked into the dining hall I was dumb-struck.  They had decorated it with draped sheets, ribbons, table skirts and flowers.  It looked fabulous!  I was so glad I had dressed up.  My first thought had been the jeans and t-shirt I always wear.

Fr Kiriti congratulates Cynthia, of Mji Wa Neema, who was position 1 in form 1!  Judy and Margo with some of the honorees.

No Kenyan event is complete w/o speeches and this one had a full complement…including Judy’s and mine.  The main speaker was Sister Candida, who had been teacher and mentor to Peter Muigi, deputy principal. She had come from a very humble background and has succeeded through hard work and determination.  She is now president of a newly founded university, specializing in nursing  It was an inspiring talk and well received.

Judy and Margo cut the cake.  Margo is fed a BIG piece.  This is a custom here.

We were sung to, fed cake, photographed and generally recognized.  It was a big surprise, and really fun.  Note:  the champagne bottle on the table is apple juice!

I was so happy to see most of the graduates (’10), but I didn’t recognize many of them, not ever having seen them with hair!  They were mobbed and cheered by the students.  It was a glorious welcome for them, our heroines, our pioneers.

This is too long, so off for now.


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