#1 On the Road Again

Sorry this is out of order

#1  June 19, 2010  On the road (air) again.

And so the trip begins again.  This is my 6th visit to Naivasha.  Each time it’s a zoo getting out of the house.  Make sure there is enough food for the cat.  Did her potty pan get cleaned out? Did I cancel Netflix and newspaper?  Get house ready for renters.  Packing, packing, packing, books for little kids, books for big kids, books for me to read, calculators and of course stuff for me for 2 months.  This year I decided to indulge my chocolate habit—four of those 1# Trader Joes chocolate bars, the 72% cocoa, the real stuff.  It’s like mainlining it!  I permit myself 3 squares per day.

No wonder my bags are so heavy!  Yesterday I came to the sorry conclusion that I wasn’t going to make it with only 2 suitcases.  Trying to be efficient I decided to stop by Sears on my way back from San Jose, from picking up Victoria Bohin, my 17-year old traveling companion from Portland.  Of course I’m looking for the biggest and the cheapest, which wasn’t what they had on sale, but I thought maybe one would do.  As I approached the checkout I suddenly remembered I had done the same thing last year, had gone to Marshall’s and bought a crappy, cheap bag, which had gone with me to Kenya and back and was now residing in a back closet!  ACH!  Again I am reminded of the vagaries of aging.

This morning, thinking I had all the space in the world, I’m happily stuffing books and shoes.  I call upon Victoria, who does crew and is very strong.  “Weigh yourself with and without this suitcase.”  Uh oh.  The permitted 22 kgs is equivalent to about about 48 #.  RATS!!!  “Can you weigh this suitcase”  OK, a few #’s under, transfer, repack, reweigh.  It’s crazy, but in the end, I managed to get in virtually everything, plus packing up my backpack and purse.  With 10 minutes to departure time, I hopped into the shower!  Yup!  It’s last-minute-Margo again.  I always manage to make it, but I do manage to make it exciting for myself.

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