# 3 Who’s Who and What’s What

#3  Who’s Who and What’s What

This is for new readers, who may not be familiar with terms, people and institutions

Mzungu person with white skin

Matatu public transportation van, theoretically carrying 15 people, but I’ve been on with as many as 22

Piki piki motor bike.  A common way of transportation when in a hurry and have no time to wait for a matatu.

Guthieri (best guess at spelling) very common dish of maize (heavy kernals), beans, cabbage and onions.  Hard for mzungu’s to digest!

SFG St Francis Girls (School)

SFX St Francis Xavier parish in Naivasha

LB Life Bloom Services International Naivasha based organization which provides support services for commercial sex workers and abused women and children.  Founded by Catherine Wanjohi For more information see www.lifebloominternational.co.cc.

Mji Wa Neema (MWN) orphanage in SFX compound—my home

Fr Kiriti pastor of SFX

Jecinta SFX parish social worker

Jecinta SFG principal and math teacher

Peter deputy principal

Paricia English teacher

Sr Janet teaches biology and is counselor at SFG

Julia matron of MWN

Agnes assistant to Julia and to Jecenta

Paul seminarian assisting Fr Kiriti

Thomas volunteer from Netherlands who figured out how to get me on line (my hereo!)

Esther matron and nurse of SFG

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